6.5-Meter-Tall Grendizer Robot Statue Raised in Iraq (Info & Image) !











A 6.5-meter-tall (about 21-feet-tall) UFO Robo Grendizer inflatable statue was raised at an international trade fair in Baghdad. UFO Robot Grendizer aired on government-run television in the 1980s and became very popular in Iraq. A technician commented that there is no one in the country who does not know the anime.

Created by manga artist Go Nagai (Cutey Honey, Mazinger franchise) in 1975, the anime ran for 74 episodes and inspired three films.

Until now, there has not been a standalone Japanese pavilion at this fair in Baghdad in the 23 years since the 1989 Gulf War. About 1,500 companies are participating in the event this year, thanks to strong economic and security improvements in Iraq and the push to generate growth in the country’s markets.


Giant robot statues have cropped up worldwide over the past five years. Kobe, Japan planned a giant Gigantor robot to mark the birthplace of its creator, Mitsuteru Yokoyama, in 2007. The city finishing the statue two years later. A 1/1 scale Gundam was erected on Odaiba Island in 2009 before being moved to Shizuoka and later back to Odaiba this year. A Gundam look-a-alike statue was on display in a Chinese theme park in December 2010 but was ultimately removed within a month. A team of Mibu, Japan’s “Omocha no Machi” (Toy Town) announced plans to build a life-size Zaku robot from the Gundam franchise last year.

Via: Animenewsnetwork , asahi.com


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